Term Fees

Term fees can be paid either before the start of the term, or via monthly direct debit. Costs vary depending on the class type, training hours and number of weeks in the term. Terms are typically 9 – 11 weeks in duration, aligned with public school term dates. Members that join part way through the term are charged pro-rata.

For 2017 the half hourly rate for a Kinder Gymfun class is $14.50 and the hourly rate for a Gymfun, Cheer Gym, Street Gym* or Trampoline class is $16.75. *Street Gym is also offered on a casual basis for $18.00 per class.

Annual Squad Gym fees are charged on a quarterly basis. Costs are determined by the number of training hours per week. Please contact us if you would like a detailed quote.

Membership Fees

All members of Energetic Gymnastics are automatically registered with Gymnastics Australia. An annual membership fee is charged once per calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31). Members that have transferred to Energetic Gymnastics that are already registered with Gymnastics Australia for the current year are not required to pay the annual membership fee. For 2017 annual membership fees are $35 per Kinder Gymfun and Adult member, $60 per Gymfun, Cheer Gym, Street Gym and Tumbling member and $80 per Squad Gym member.

Quality Assurance

New Members that decide to opt out for any reason within their first two weeks will receive a full refund on term and membership fees. This enables you and your child to try gymnastics for two weeks and if it doesn’t suit your needs you can receive a 100% refund.

Payment Policy

To view our payment policy click here.